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June 2019

The June issue of Oilfield Technology begins with a review of the Latin American upstream sector. The issue then moves on to cover a range of technical subjects, including: Drill Bits, Downhole Tools, Well Control, Compressor Technology, FPSO Technology, Subsea Technology and more.

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World news

Luck of the draw
Oilfield Technology correspondent, Gordon Cope, explains why aboveground risks, including regulatory, corruption and environmental, vary widely between countries in Latin America.

Making it in a modern world
Daniel Brietzke, Varel International Energy Services, USA, highlights the laboratory and design advances that have yielded greater PDC bit performance.

Combining forces
Ross Wilkerson and Stephen Forrester, NOV, USA, reveal how a new bit design and cutter layout have been enabling performance improvements in the Permian Basin.

Uplifting times for coal bed methane
K. C. Chen, Upwing Energy, USA, discusses how new artificial lift technology can help coal bed methane gain market traction.

Small but mighty
Bill Balliette, Alpha Slip Rings, USA, reviews the development of a slip ring that would fit the size and environmental requirements for a new downhole swivel tool.

Running further than before
Nicolas Sluys, Rubicon Oilfield International, UK, explains how swivel tools are aiding the completion of longer extended-reach drilling operations.

A calmer commute
David Inman, Ampelmann, the Netherlands, reveals how walk to work technology is making offshore access in West Africa safe and easy.

On the fast track
Olivier Icyk, SBM Offshore, Monaco, explains how a modular approach can be used to standardise and fast track FPSO projects.

Digital twins: enhancing subsea asset integrity
Tim Eyles and Cary Griffin, Acteon, UK, shine a light on how subsea integrity managers are using digital twins to reduce operational risks and costs, from planning to decommissioning.

Making the connection
Rob Kennedy, Wood, UK, explains why the subsea sector is ripe for a digital leap forward.

Tracking subsea targets
Gautier Dreyfus, Forssea, France, reviews new technology designed to optimise installation and survey operations.

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