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March 2015

The March issue of Oilfield Technology looks to Russia and examines the state of the oil and gas industry in the country. The issue contains features on Seismic Interpretation, LWD/MWD, Artificial Lift, Hydraulic Fracturing Chemicals, Decommissioning, Subsea Technology & ROVs, Digital Oilfield, and Recruitment.

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03 Comment

05 World news

10 Facing the perfect storm
Peter Kiernan of The Economist Intelligence Unit examines the outlook for Russia’s energy sector as it navigates a host of geopolitical and economic challenges.

14 Looking for black gold in cold
Oilfield Technology correspondent, Gordon Cope, reveals that despite falling oil prices, Arctic explorers are taking the long view.

19 Looking at things from a different angle
Fred Poland, LMKR and Gabriel Gil, LUMINA, explain how new opportunities can be found using novel seismic inversion techniques.

23 Everything is relative
N. Daynac, S. Lacaze , M. Mangue and F. Pauget, ELIIS, France, review the interpretation of complex faulted deposits in the North Sea using the ‘Relative Geological Time’ model.

27 The perfect fit
Richard Craig, Meta, UK, examines downhole metal-shaping technology designed to keep drilling programmes on track and maximise production.

31 Hitting the target
Steve Krase, Ryan Directional Services, USA, explores new measurement systems and procedures to improve efficient wellbore placement.

35 Down to the last drop
E&P firms need strategic partners with the ability to provide proprietary technology, global project management and rapid response to address their specific produced water challenges and optimise operations and returns, writes John B. Sabey, ProSep, USA.

39 Feeling the heat
Brian Wagg, C-FER Technologies, Canada, reviews the challenges of using artificial lift for SAGD in the Canadian oilsands.

43 Under control
A new generation of subsea electronic modules, previewed at Aker Solutions’ Technology Day, are poised to change the future of the subsea sector.

46 Advancing well abandonment
Valerio Orsini, Antonio Sardo, Weatherford and Les Johnstone, Eljay Well Services, highlight a well abandonment operation in offshore Tunisia that was performed through an integrated process.

51 North Sea evolution
Barry Denness, Veolia UK, looks at the challenge of decommissioning virtually all of the infrastructure in the North Sea over the next 30 years and investigates how this can be managed cost-effectively and with regard to the environment.

55 Cutting down on downtime
Troy Kehoe, Check-6 International Inc., USA, shows how operators can reduce unplanned downtime with checklists.

58 Mission-critcal oilfield data
Bill Biewenga, Qv21 Technologies, Inc., USA, champions digital logistics solutions for the oil and gas industry.

63 Capitalising on human capital
Matthew Hiller, IBM, USA, investigates the human capital challenges that still face the oil industry despite a recent reduction in hiring rates.

67 A home away from home
Graham Chandler, on behalf of Target Logistics, explores the ‘other 12 hours’ – workforce housing as a recruitment and retention strategy in oil and gas operations.

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