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May 2015

The May issue of Oilfield Technology sets its sights on European oil and gas operations before moving to focus on Seismic Surveys and Innovations in Exploration Technology – these two key exploration features tie in with the issue’s bonus distribution at EAGE and AAPG. Other topics covered by the issue include: Passive Seismic Technology, Horizontal Drilling, Onshore Drilling Rigs, Extended Reach Operations, Integrity Management, Reservoir Stimulation and Well Control.
Bonus This issue also includes:
Innovations in Exploration online supplement.

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03 Comment

05 Guest Comment
William Doll and Rhonda Jacobs, Geoscientists Without Borders

07 World news

10 Old world – new charm
Jonathan Westbury, Gaffney, Cline & Associates, UK, shines a light on upstream oil and gas activity in Continental Europe.

16 Seeing safely through to the subsalt
Luke Twigger, CGG, UK, examines recent advances in seismic technology that reduce subsalt risk.

21 Region by region
Mike Simmons and Florence Bebb, Halliburton Landmark, UK, investigate regional screening for unconventional resources.

26 Build ‘em high
Raymond Lamborn, Ahmed Al-Essa and Enrico Biscaro, Baker Hughes, USA, show how a new rotary steerable drilling system can deliver extensive formation evaluation for high-build wells.

31 Conveyance in the conduit
Ola M. Vestavik, Reelwell, Norway, explains how a dual drill string improves capability for extended reach drilling.

35 Over a barrel
In an uncertain price climate, Oilfield Technology correspondent Gordon Cope discusses how North American operators are using innovative technology to their advantage.

39 Fine-tuning of powder
Martin Grolms, NEUMAN & ESSER, Germany, reviews grinding and classifying systems that allow bentonite and barite to be used in drilling mud with maximum precision and economic efficiency.

43 Customisation through collaboration
Ryan Graham, Tesco Corporation, Canada, looks at the importance of specialist integration teams and the role they play in drilling rig customisation.

47 Shifting industry perceptions
Stuart McLeod, Delphian Ballistics, UK, describes how new tools will change the way oil and gas reserves are identified, developed and produced and allow the industry to find deeper, harder-to-reach pockets of energy.

51 Stop trippin’ out
Jeff Whitworth, Thru Tubing Solutions, USA, gives an overview on abrasive perforating and how a ‘bypassing’ perforator that is run in tandem with a downhole motor assembly can eliminate additional trips in hole for toe preps.

55 Subsea P&A
Martial Burguieres, Wild Well Control, USA, discusses some of the latest developments in subsea P&A systems.

59 No more crying wolf
Sean Unrau, Pason Systems, USA, discusses minimising non-productive time and enabling the early detection of well control events.

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