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November 2012

The November issue of Oilfield Technology has a lead feature on Minimising Time and Costs. November’s regional report focuses on the US and Canada. Other great features include: Reservoir characterisation, advances in seismic technology, Shale gas, Drilling technology, subsea and offshore operations.

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Editorial COMMENT


Role reversal
Oilfield Technology Correspondent Mark Robinson examines the current state of the oil and gas industry in the USA and Canada.

Coming to a town near you!
Peter Kiernan, Economist Intelligence Unit, UK, reports on the current status of the shale gas industry and its likely future including a spread from North America to Europe and Asia.

The risk factor
Matt Bell, GEODynamics, Inc., USA, investigates the role of risk management when it comes to choosing new technology.

What does it cost?
Jim Bell, FoundOcean, UK, takes examples from the renewables industry to investigate the ways in which oil and gas companies can reduce the costs associated with offshore projects.

Automating the oilfield
Neil Enright, Rockwell Automation, UAE, asks what we should be looking for in a modern process automation solution.

What lies beneath...
David Shanks, Zenith Oilfield Technology Ltd, UK, investigates a new reservoir characterisation system that can provide real time fluid measurement from below the pump.

Character assessment
Rocky Roden, Seismic Micro-Technology, Inc., USA, explains how to analyse eight key direct hydrocarbon indicators (DHIs) on post stack data.

Sensors that make sense
Denis Mougenot, Sercel, France, examines the advantages provided by advanced digital sensor units.

Bringing broadband to the subsea
Simon Baldock and Nick Myziuk, TGS, USA, Hassan Masoomzadeh, Anthony Hardwick, Tom Travis, and Nick Woodburn, TGS, UK, examine a new process designed to deliver broadband data from conventional streamer seismic.

Removing the human element
Carsten Freyer, KCA Deutag, Germany, asks the question: is ‘human free’ drilling possible?

Modern risk modelling
Inge Alme, Scandpower, Norway, discusses the formulation and advantages of a new Blowout Preventer Risk Model.

Separating the wheat from the chaff
Asbjørn Kroken, Cubility, Norway, examines a new technology that can enable more efficient removal of contaminants from drilling fluids.

Raising the bar
Nathan Wilmot, Eric Rexrode and Jonathan Fay, The Dow Chemical Company, USA, examine a hybrid polyether thermoset that meets higher qualification standards for wet insulation.

The art of zonal isolation
David Brown and Crystal Wreden, CSI Technologies, USA, outline six steps to optimising horizontal shale cementing operations in a factory-drilling process.

Where there’s a well, there’s a wireless way
Annabel Green, Tendeka, Norway, explores the culture of technological innovation that has allowed Norwegian fields to become some of the world’s most effective producers.

Performance improvements start with training
John Postle, Hardbanding Solutions by Postle Industries, USA, shows how structured hardbanding application training is already paying industry-wide dividends in this month’s cover story.

Under wraps...
Pablo Wiesemann, Socotherm, Argentina, takes a look at advanced multilayered pipeline coatings that are allowing the oil and gas industry to push out to ever more hostile environments.

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