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October 2012

The October issue of Oilfield Technology will take a special look at Arctic oil and gas, with a regional focus on Middle East and North Africa. Other articles cover land seismic, formation evaluation, LWD/MWD, fracturing technology and training.

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Fuelling global growth
Peter Russell-Smith, GL Noble Denton, UK, points out the trends that show how the Middle East and Africa are leading global growth.

Iraq at the crossroads
David Branson, Saji Sam, Booz & Co., UAE and Adrian del Maestro, Booz & Co., UK, look at the recent achievements of the Iraqi oil industry and the looming challenges to future production growth.

Hot prospects in the deep freeze
The Earth’s northern region presents a host of opportunities and challenges. Oilfield Technology Correspondent, Gordon Cope explains.

What’s different about the Bakken?
Trent Miller, Golder Associates, USA and Brad Novecosky, Golder Associates, Canada, take a look at some of the non-production aspects that are affecting operations in the booming Bakken field.

Thinking outside the frac
Adam Schmidt, The GasGun Inc., USA, explains the benefits of solid propellant stimulation over hydraulic fracturing.

Know your nodes
Consulting Petroleum Geologist Louise S. Durham, on behalf of Fairfield Nodal, USA, explains why land node seismic technology is achieving mainstream status.

Making it crystal clear
Gary Yu, Geotrace, USA, discusses how seismic data quality influences pore pressure estimation and interpretation.

Shaking the tree of knowledge
Friso Veenstra, Elsevier, The Netherlands, explains how oil and gas companies must learn to manage experience and insights in the information age.

Teaching old dogs new tricks
Dr. Neelakantan Krishna Iyer, Infosys, India, takes a look at the difficulties of managing knowledge sharing between workers and the role that technology should play in enabling this process.

Don’t underestimate the value of training
Philip Strong, Reflex Marine, UK, warns the oil and gas industry not to overlook this critical aspect of healthy operations.

Keep on tractoring
Lasse Haugland, Aker Solutions, Norway, details a novel solution to the problem of delivering reliable data from real time production well logging.

Critical considerations
Matthew Treida and Brian Witkowski, Weir SPM, USA, examine some of the vital decisions that need to be made when choosing a dynamic restraint system.

Flexible response
Thomas Epsztein, Technip, France, shares his insight on new developments in corrosion prevention in flexible piping.

Thick skinned
Heinrich Fluch, BARTEC, Germany, tells of the delivery of ‘skin effect’ pipeline heating systems to the Kharyaga field in the Arctic tundra.

A focus on: Hardbanding
Anthony Marrelli, Proband Hardbanding Services Ltd, Canada and Downhole Protection Services Inc., USA, points out the various misconceptions regarding the hardbanding industry and details its technical challenges.

Prevention is better than cure
Tony Holliday, CorDEX Instruments, UK, explains how ultrasonic NDT technology cuts costs and supports integrity compliance.

Automating artificial lift
Greg Boyles, The Smart Pumper, USA, examines developments in automation that are enabling engineers to quickly control and monitor artificial lift systems.

Making standard PCP a thing of the past
Laurent Zimmer, PCM USA Inc., USA, Fernando Bertomeu, Sinopec E&P, Argentina, Esteban Young, PCP Oil Tools SA, Argentina, discuss the successful implementation of HRPCP technology in the production of Argentinian heavy oil.

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