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September 2017

In addition to its Regional Report on North American O&G and a Completions Q&A, the September issue of Oilfield Technology also covers the following topics: Drilling Tools, Reservoir Characterisation, Extended Reach Drilling, Drilling Fluids, Hydraulic Fracturing, Coiled Tubing, and Recruitment & Training.

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World news

Living in interesting times
Oilfield Technology Correspondent, Gordon Cope, shows how politics, markets, environmental concerns and regulations are all making mayhem in North America’s oil and gas sector. In other words, situation normal.

The view from the top
Colm A. Murphy, Bell Geospace Ltd, UK, shows how FTG is a cost-effective exploration technology that maximises opportunity and helps to maintain exploration strategies in the current low-price environment.

Keeping tabs on tight reservoirs
Adam Baig and Ted Urbancic, ESG Solutions, Canada, highlight the advantage of unlocking the potential of microseismic monitoring for hydraulically fractured tight reservoirs.

Assessing acoustic telemetry technology
Andy Hawthorn, XACT Downhole Telemetry Inc., USA, explains how advances in acoustic telemetry can drive improvements in safety and performance, from drilling to completion.

Keeping pace with the competition
Roy McNiven & Doug Greening, Tesco Corporation, reveal how new technologies are helping companies remain competitive in today’s drilling environment.

Reaping the benefits of reaming
Jake Steele, Rubicon Oilfield International, UK, reviews the development of new reamer systems helping operators overcome challenging downhole conditions.

Spot the difference
Sanzhar Zharkeshov, Merlin ERD Ltd, UK, explains what is different about extended reach drilling.

Boosting productivity with biocides
Christina Pampena, Dow Microbial Control, USA, explains why biocides matter and details the benefits of an integrated microbial control programme in hydraulic fracturing.

Making EOR economical
Michael Lefenfeld, SiGNa Chemistry, examines the use of new chemical technology for the economic recovery of heavy oils.

Bridging the gap
Steven Zhang, Vertechs, China, examines dissolvable bridge plug applications in China’s shale plays.

Making way for a new generation
Jim Yanus, Gardner Denver, USA, reveals how a new generation of frac pumps can improve upon previous technologies, saving operators time and money.

A slick design for slickwater systems
Terry Palisch and Olatunji Orekha, CARBO, USA, describe the development of a new proppant technology to enhance the transport capabilities of slickwater fracture fluid systems in hydraulic fracturing applications.

Consumables of the future
Paul Lightfoot, ST9 Gas + Oil, reviews new solutions designed to address the fundamental flaws plaguing stuffing box systems.

Completions Q&A
Oilfield Technology invited Halliburton, TAM International, and Packers Plus Energy Services, Inc. to share their insights on completions. Their feedback covered areas including Remedial Cementing, Completion Tools, Stimulation, and HPHT Applications.

Working under pressure
Adam Gray and Adrian Terry, Hunting, discuss the importance of pressure control equipment and examine a new seal valve designed to provide enhanced performance.

Predictions and perspectives
Rory Ferguson, Petroplan, takes a look at sentiment and predictions for energy recruitment from both the employer and employee perspectives.

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