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Aalborg CSP receives heat pump system order

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Aalborg CSP A/S, a Danish renewable energy and storage company, received a new order for turnkey delivery of a customised 1.2 MW integrated electrical heat pump system to the town of Saltum Fjernvarme, Denmark.

The electrical air-to-water integrated heat pump system will increase the reduction of the Saltum Fjernvarme facility’s natural gas dependency as well as stabilise the energy prices for customers. The system in will use outdoor air as the source for heat production in order to supply sustainable heating to 370 customers in the town of Saltum.

In recent years, large electrical air-to-water based heat pumps have been established as a key technology within the Danish district heating industry as an increasing number of utility companies have integrated heat pumps as an important supplement to their existing district heating supply.

By incorporating electrically powered heat pumps in the district heating supply, higher levels of renewable energy can be utilised for thermal purposes creating integration and balance between energy systems. With a growing wind turbine capacity all over the world, large heat pumps will play a significant role in the continued global green energy transition as well as in Denmark’s quest to phase out fossil fuels by 2050.

The system is customised to fit the district heating plant’s specific energy needs with a high efficiency (COP) therefore lowering the cost of energy. With a capacity of 1.2 MW at 0°C, the plant is capable of producing 8000 MWh heat annually, thereby covering approximately 80% of the customers’ heat consumption. The heat pump will also save approximately 1.150 tpy of CO2.

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