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Atlas Copco launches ZenergiZe energy storage systems

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Atlas Copco has launched ZenergiZe, a new range of lithium-ion energy storage systems that can be used as a standalone solution or combined with generators to create a hybrid power solution.


ZenergiZe delivers zero CO2 emissions, zero noise, and has virtually zero maintenance needs, enabling operators to minimise environmental impact while benefiting from a low cost of ownership. Atlas Copco is the first global generator manufacturer to address the market’s needs with such a concept.

The ZenergiZe range features two models, ZBE and ZBP. They offer rated powers of 15 kVA and 45 kVA, and energy storage capacities of 45 kWh, capable of delivering small-medium power with long autonomy. The versatile energy storage systems can be used together with a generator to enable smart load management. Alternatively, they can serve as the primary source of power when used in the island mode. For example, it is ideal for powering a transmitter with 5 kW over 8 hr. The ZenergiZe units are an ideal way to meet operating and safety restrictions in noise-sensitive environments such as events and metropolitan construction sites, to power remote telecom applications, or to resolve low load problems.

Designed with sustainability in mind, the energy storage systems enable users to minimise the environmental impact of their operation by significantly reducing fuel consumption and emissions. In the hybrid mode, using a ZenergiZe unit in combination with a QAS80 generator, operators can reduce fuel consumption by up to 50% over 12 hr compared to using a larger stand-alone QAS125 generator. Furthermore, during its lifecycle, a ZenergiZe unit only emits 50% of the emissions of a standard standalone generator, saving approximately 100 t of CO2 – the equivalent of planting 450 trees (assuming a tree life of 30 years). When used in the island mode, the CO2 savings can reach up to 100% if the unit is powered by renewable energy sources.

With a footprint of just 1.4 m2, the ZenergiZe range is ideal for applications where floor space is limited. The use of high-density lithium-ion batteries means that they are 70% smaller and lighter in weight than traditional standalone generators, allowing transport without any specialist equipment. In the hybrid mode, when used together with a generator, they enable smart load management by helping the generator reach the peaks of power. This optimises the generator’s performance and extends its lifespan, allowing its size to be reduced by 40%.

To further enhance ease of use and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO), the ZenergiZe storage systems require virtually no maintenance. The lithium-ion technology facilitates a lifespan of 40 000 working hours in normal conditions, with an overload capability of 150%. In low load applications, a ZenergiZe unit can provide the required power for more than 12 hr without needing to be recharged. The simple recharging process takes only 1.5 hr, and the lithium-ion technology enables charging using various energy sources such as a generator, the grid, or renewable energy. Additionally, the ZenergiZe units offer a wide usable energy range compared to other technologies and can maintain performance in ambient temperatures of -20ºC up to 50ºC.

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