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November 2014

The November issue takes a close look at European refining with Euro Petroleum Consultants. The issue delves in to clean fuels with articles from Trinity Consultants and Haldor Topsoe, as well as 15 facts on the topics too. The issue also looks at wastewater with GE, catalysts with Grace and engineering with Ambitech.

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World News
Contract awards, project updates, industry latest, news digest, diary dates, mergers and acquisitions

Winds of change
Luisa Sykes and Valentin Kotlomin, Euro Petroleum Consultants, UK, discuss how International Maritime Organization sulfur limit regulations are likely to impact the European refining industry

Optimising emissions reporting
Esam Al Sayid and Muath Hashem, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia, and Hung-Ming Sung, Adam Williams and Arun Kanchan, Trinity Consultants, USA, discuss means of overcoming challenges to enterprise emissions reporting

Production of clean diesel
Horacio Mourglia and Gustavo Delistovich, ANCAP, Uruguay, and Jørn-Ole Jokumsen, Arturo Bettati, Roberta Cenni, Haldor Topsøe, Denmark, discuss safeguarding the environment by minimising operational risk

Breaking ground
Alexis Shackleford and Bilge Yilmaz, BASF, USA, discuss resid fluid catalytic cracking catalyst technologies, and a novel boron based technology for minimising the negative impacts of contaminant metals

Additive emissions reduction
Ana Piera, Marta Calvo and Angel Llanes, BP Castellon, Spain, and Colin Baillie, Grace, Germany and Rafael Gonzalez, Grace, Spain, discuss the use of additives for emissions reduction in fluid catalytic cracking units

FCCU revamp
Dennis Fitch, Ambitech Engineering Corporation, USA, discusses successful fluid catalytic cracking unit design through the effective use of analytical tools

The durability of duplex
Dragon Hao, Sandvik Materials Technology, China, discusses the use of duplex stainless steels for corrosion prevention in refinery equipment

Crude tank cleaning
Nils Engelke, Flottweg, Germany, explains the importance of tank cleaning in protecting the environment, and how separation technology can help to save money

Master the flow
Frank Grunert, KROHNE, UK, takes a look at the most common flow meter designs currently offered in the oil and gas market

Ultrasonic solutions
Gregor Brown, Cameron, UK, discusses how ultrasonic technology has the versatility to tackle flow metering applications that are demanding both in terms of process conditions and accuracy requirements

Get smart
Craig Marshall, NEL, UK, discusses the potential for industrial scale adoption of smart meters

Superior secondary sealing
Omar M. Al Amri, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia, discusses the outcome of performance and validation testing on a progessive in situ emergency sealant system for critical butterfly valves

A study in fluid dynamics
M.N. Dantas, K. Ropelato, A.G. Oliveira, A.M. Giornes and F. Muhlethaler, Petrobras, Brazil, discuss the development of methodology for fluid dynamics and heat transfer study in a spray wash section of a coker fractionator

Thermally efficient by design
Richard L. Shilling, Heat Transfer Research Inc., USA, discusses temperature efficiency in heat exchanger design

Peaceful coexistence
Steve Bakas and Kevin Milici, GE, USA, explain that while processing opportunity crudes enables profit maximisation, the impact on wastewater operations presents challenges, and explain that there are solutions

Heavy metal scavenging
Silke Rüdel, Kurita, Germany, discusses heavy metal removal in refinery wastewater streams

15 facts
This month we give you 15 facts on clean fuels

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