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April 2019

The April issue of Oilfield Technology leads with an in-depth review of the upstream industry in the Gulf of Mexico. The issue also includes this year’s OTC Technology Review, which focuses on some of the innovative technologies and processes being showcased at this year’s show. The issue also contains features on: Downhole Tools, Oilfield Chemicals, Workovers & Interventions, Flow Assurance, Decommissioning and more.

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World news

Trove of treasures
Oilfield Technology Correspondent Gordon Cope reviews the developments turning the Gulf of Mexico into a global cornucopia.

Making the most of magnetism
Craig Brown, APS Technology, USA, and Arvid Manseth, Baker Hughes GE, Norway, show how technology adapted from the automotive industry can solve drilling problems and reduce costs.

Seeing is believing
Ron Balliet, Halliburton Wireline & Perforating, USA, examines a new magnetic resonance based formation evaluation technology that is helping operators gain ever greater insight into their reservoirs.

Putting the metal to the metal
Rob Curle, Dan Robson, Geoffrey Samuel, Oxana Scheming & Peter Kjellbotn, InFocus Energy Services, Edmonton, Canada, explain how metal-to-metal power sections have overcome the challenges faced by traditional designs.

Enhancing RSS operations
Danny Perez and Stephen Forrester, NOV, show how combining friction reduction with RSS tools can improve performance in directional and complex wellbores.

Planned rejuvenation
David Hua, ABS Advanced Solutions, USA, recounts how an assessment programme guides analysis of the potential life of floating production installations.

Sustainable corrosion solutions
Nihal Obeyesekere, Ph.D, Thenuka Ariyaratna, Vivien Reichert, and Jonathan Wylde, Ph.D, Clariant Oil and Mining Services, discuss the use of highly biodegradable oxygen corrosion inhibitors for hydro-testing and long-term storage applications.

Broadening horizons
Matthew Offenbacher, AES Drilling Fluids, USA, explores the benefits of modifying existing technologies to face new challenges.

A new perspective
Kjetil Borgersen, Halliburton Completion Tools, explains how behind-casing monitoring can offer a new perspective on the reservoir.

Oilfield Technology contacted a range of key players in the upstream industry and asked for their insight on the latest technologies and applications being showcased at this year’s Offshore Technology Conference (OTC).

Optimising subsea operations
Jim Brown, Expro, explores the use of subsea landing strings for safe, compliant and efficient operations.

Refining rig procedures
Mathieu Ernst and Dennis Vollmar, Herrenknecht Vertical, Germany, discuss a new rig type designed to prevent uncertainties in offshore well intervention.

Subsea solutions
Brett Morry, Trendsetter Engineering, USA, examines technologies helping operators with a variety of subsea problems.

Advancing artifical lift
Sven Olson, Leistritz Advanced Technologies Corp., USA, explains how artificial lift and gathering systems can be optimised through the use of multiphase pumps.

Breaking barriers
Kelly S Chichak, SI Group, Inc., USA, reviews a new method for testing the suitability of paraffin inhibitors for low-temperature environments.

From salvage to decommissioning
Matt Fish, Versabar, USA, discusses the use of heavy lift vessels in decommissioning and recovery projects.

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