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January 2015

The January issue of Oilfield Technology kicks off the year with a review of the Asian oil and gas industry in the first Regional Report of the year.

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Contents –

03 Comment

05 World news

10 The road to modern management
Philip Morel, T.A. Cook Consultants, explores the problems facing oil and gas companies as they look to recruit and retain employees in China.

13 Operating in interesting times
Frances McLeod and Jimmy Ko, Forensic Risk Alliance, explore the business issues affecting the upstream oil and gas industry in China.

17 Many hands make light work
Karyna Rodriguez and Dan Negri, Spectrum, Neil Dyer, ARKeX, and Håkon T. Pedersen, EMGS, examine petroleum system insights provided by multi-client data integration case studies.

24 Using broadband in the Banda Arc
Peter Baillie, CGG, reveals how broadband data has begun to unlock the secrets to finding hydrocarbons in the Banda Arc.

30 Life in the fast lane
Jonathon D. Miller, InterMoor Inc., USA, reviews a fast-track mooring installation in water depths of 4400 ft.

35 Cutting out the consequences
Josiah McVicar, Delmar Systems, Inc. discusses an effective technique for training and hazard assessments related to mooring system deployment over and around subsea oil and gas infrastructure.

39 Ramping up ROV efficiency
Gregory Eskridge, Teledyne Oil & Gas, USA, reviews the evolution of a wet mate optical connection system design aimed towards enhanced ROV operational efficiency and reduction of risk at installation.

42 The growing role for expandables
Jerry Fritsch, Enventure, USA, discusses high performance solid expandables for HPHT and deepwater operations.

47 Evaluations zipping along
Sudhendu (Kash) Kashikar and Karl Harris, MicroSeismic, Inc., USA, compare completion methodologies and optimising production using microseismic-based completions evaluation.

50 No water, no problem
Benjamin Carlier and Jose Garza, Trican, North America, examine a crosslinked guar-based fluid system that uses 100% reused water in an effort to conserve fresh water in the hydraulic fracturing process.

55 Pushing up productivity
Thomas Jørgensen, Fishbones AS, Norway, investigates how multilateral stimulation technology can resolve common stimulation challenges.

59 Increasing downhole intelligence
Chris Shannon, Fotech Solutions, UK, looks at how distributed acoustic sensing can aid in the boosting of oil and gas recovery rates.

63 Getting to grips with fibreglass
Joie Folkers, NOV Fiber Glass Systems, USA, shows how sustained oil and gas production can be achieved through the use of corrosion-resistant fibreglass pipe technology.

69 Integrity under pressure
Piping integrity is a small but central part of successful oil and gas operations. John Spain, Quickflange, UK, discusses some of the challenges.

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