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July 2015

The July issue of Oilfield Technology takes a look at the East African upstream oil and gas industry before moving on to cover a variety of other topics, such as: Reservoir Characterisation, Seismic Processing, Extended Reach, Completion Technology, Well Control, Artificial Lift, Joint Protection, Water Treatment/Management, and Safety & Security.

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World news

Subsea survival
Mark Adeosun and Ben Wilby, Douglas-Westwood, discuss the impact of lower oil prices on the global subsea market.

A thorough investigation
Nicole Ramsey Braley, Cory Langford, Camilo Mejia and Claudia Amorocho, Weatherford, USA, explain how shale stimulation benefits from enhanced rock and reservoir analysis.

Extending rig capability
Eunice Muñoz, Alcoa Oil & Gas, USA, explains how advanced alloys are finding new applications in drill pipe and offshore risers.

Getting the hang of hardbanding
Robert F. Miller, Hardbanding Solutions, explains how to achieve optimal tool joint protection through hardbanding selection.

Going by the book
Jack Wallin, Stoody, USA, investigates the choices operators must make when choosing hardbanding wires and highlights the recommended procedures for hardbanding applications.

Setting a solid foundation
John E. Hebert, Chris Jordan and JC Mondelli, Blackhawk Specialty Tools, USA, explain why it is critical to employ a comprehensive cementing solution in both onshore and offshore well construction operations.

Keeping water clean
Dr Clay Maugans and Dr Rob McClain, Select Energy Services, outline approaches for operators conducting technology-based water treatment and management in the oilfield.

Prevention is better than cure
Dr Jonathan Wylde, Clariant Oil Services, USA, on shifting the market from scale removal to scale prevention.

Smart thinking
Martin Mancuso, Schneider Electric, USA, explains how smart field technologies can be applied to artificial lift operations.

Lifting the last drop
Rodrigo Ruiz, Tenaris, North America, champions hollow sucker rods for oilfield pumping applications.

Cost-effective control
Bill Holland, AXON Energy Products, USA, investigates cost-effective well control in today’s operating environment.

Worker safety: small size equals big benefit
Oilfield Technology correspondent Gordon Cope shows how in spite of low oil prices, new safety technologies offer big bang for the buck.

Playing it safe
Tony Pickett, Scott Safety, UK, offers guidance on managing hazards in the offshore oil and gas industry.

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