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June 2014

The June issue of Oilfield Technology sets the sights of its Regional Report on the Russian oil and gas industry. The June issue’s lead feature takes a look at drill bit developments. Other topics covered in June include: Seismic Advances, Deepwater Technology, Directional Drilling, Completions and Cementing, Hydraulic Fracturing, EOR and Oilfield Communications.

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World News

Taking action against sanctions
Emma Hodges, Forensic Risk Alliance, UK, looks at the recent US/EU sanctions imposed on Russian businesses and outlines the steps that companies should take in order to avoid being exposed to sanctions breaches through their oil and gas partners.

Pulling the plug
Doug Smith, Varel International, USA, explains how specially designed drill bits can make the task of drilling out frac plugs in multizone completions more efficient.

At the cutting edge
Aron Deen and Casey Kitagawa, Ulterra Drilling Technologies, Barry Schneider and Gary G. King, Shell, explain how new advances in PDC bit construction and design are helping to cut drilling costs in the Marcellus Shale.

Powering through the permafrost
Gurban Veliyev, Andrey Bakhtin, and Stanislav Kulikov, Weatherford, Russian Federation, explain how drilling with casing (DwC) methods are being utilised in order to isolate the permafrost sections of wellbores in Arctic fields.

Factoring in the top 5
Gefei Liu, Pegasus Vertex, Inc., USA, examines five main factors that must be taken into account when centralising casing during cementing operations.

Forever blowing bubbles
Hector T. B. Medeiros, Sergio E.A. Filho, Clara E. Mata, and Mikaella B. Oliveira, 3M, discuss the use of glass microspheres (or bubbles) in the cementing and completions process.

Considering completion hardware
Fredrik Harestad, Omega Completion Technology, Norway, examines some recent developments in completions hardware that are allowing the oil and gas industry to push into deeper and more demanding reservoirs.

X marks the spot
Adam Baig, Sheri Bowman and Katie Jeziorski, ESG Solutions, explain how microseismic monitoring has evolved to become more than just mapping fractures.

Gas bonanza
Unconventional resources have revolutionised the O&G sector in North America, Oilfield Technology correspondent, Gordon Cope, explains how their potential across the rest of the world is equally enticing.

Being selective for success
Frank Preiss, DynaEnergetics, Germany, describes the development of selective perforating technologies from pressure activated polarity sensitive switches over digital coded systems to the integrated switch detonator.

Raising recovery rates
Garrett Leahy and Lars Anders Ruden, Emerson Process Management, provide an overview of various software and hardware developments that are improving oil and gas recovery rates.

High resolution revolution
Craig Lippus, Geometrics, USA, examines new ultra high-resolution 3D marine seismic that is opening new vistas in the shallow seabed.

Deepwater motion compensation
Trey Miller and Patrick Vilyus, NOV Devin, describe the benefits of using motion compensation systems in rigless/riserless well intervention for deepwater projects.

The digital oilfield - understanding the potential
Nick Kamen, Vodafone, UK, reviews the importance of wireless communications and M2M technology in the ongoing search for oil and gas.

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