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June 2015

The regional report of the June issue of Oilfield Technology focuses on the Norwegian oil and gas sector before moving to cover Seismic Advances. Other features covered by the issue include Directional Drilling, Drill Bits, Completions & Cementing, Deepwater Technology, EOR, Well Interventions, and Hydraulic Fracturing.

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03 Comment

05 World news

10 Highlighting Horda
Idar Horstad and Jo Firth, CGG, examine recent developments over the Horda platform.

17 Go with the workflow
Garrett Leahy, Emerson Process Management, USA, outlines the principles behind a new structural modelling workflow.

22 Standardising subsea
Kristin Nergaard Berg, DNV GL, explains how standardisation can release the potential for subsea processing to be a preferred solution and make subsea production and processing more reliable and cost-efficient.

26 Keeping standards afloat
Andy Smith, Trelleborg, UK, asks how the mooring buoyancy industry can respond to the demands of deepwater drilling and legislation while ensuring products deliver performance and safety in the long term.

31 Eliminating human error
Richard Anton, Merlin ERD Ltd, talks trouble-free tripping in complex and extended reach wells.

36 Getting to the core of the subject
Mark Freeman, Tercel, USA, analyses a new drill bit engineered to enhance drilling efficiency and increase ROP.

43 The new upper hand
Sri Markandeya and Andrew Miller, NOV, show how taking advantage of lower stress in the wellbore can provide relief for operator’s bottom lines.

47 Aiding the economics of the unconventional
Casey Kitagawa, Patrick Gillis and Samiha Altoqui, Drilformance, review a new series of drill bits that are helping operators drill further, faster.

51 Getting ahead with hybrids
Tim Beaton, Shear Bits, USA, reveals new hybrid drill bit designs that have been developed to provide enhanced drilling performance.

55 Remediation & repair
Juvenal Faria and Djillali Sahnoun, Sanjel, Canada, look at methods used to solve remedial cementing challenges in Western Canada.

59 Cutting costs in well construction
Thomas Roesner and Diane Langley, Cameron, USA, looks at what service companies are doing to innovate and drive efficiency and cost savings in well construction.

65 Factoring in flooding
P. Rozowski, C. Acevedo-Vélez, J. Mukherjee and W. Yu, The Dow Chemical Company, examine enhanced water flooding methods designed to improve oil recovery in tight carbonate oil reservoirs.

69 Overcoming adversity
Brian Sidle, Welltec, Denmark, explains how ingenuity in well intervention technology is helping operators overcome adversity.

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