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May 2019

The May issue of Oilfield Technology begins with a review of the North Sea upstream sector. The issue then moves on to cover a range of technical subjects, including: Innovations in Exploration, Extended Reach Drilling, Completions & Cementing, Hydraulic Fracturing, Reservoir Stimulation, and more.

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World news

Regional report
David Bizley, Editor of Oilfield Technology, takes a look at the state of the North Sea upstream sector: challenges and opportunities lie ahead.

Building a dream team
Paul Courtenay, PGS, Norway, discusses the importance of investing in crew competence and teamwork for safe and robust operations.

Integration in exploration
Carl Watkins, Dan Carruthers, Pedro Duran, Simon Otto & Mark Cowgill, CGG, UK, explain how integrated exploration efforts are producing new workflows for new challenges.

Planning for success
Stewart McGregor, MerlinERD, UK, explores the factors that influence the effective drilling of ERD wells.

This feature showcases technologies designed to handle the harshest conditions faced by the global oil and gas industry. Contributions come from:
Pragma & Pharis Energy – Enabling enhanced recovery – Sascha Hale and Steve Brown explore the use of steam flooding technology designed to unlock the potential of heavy oil fields.
Sandvik – Pushing the limits – Phil Cherrie explains how innovative technologies can be the enabler for success in extreme projects.

Playing the long game
Travis Harris, Packers Plus Energy Services, USA, discusses how advances in well completion systems are helping operators reduce risk and improve operations in extended reach laterals.

A polished performance
Bob Miller and Mike Huber, Postle Industries, USA, review the criteria for optimum hardbanding solutions.

Sound of the underground
Camilo Mejia, Weatherford, looks at how high-quality measurements can optimise economics in unconventional reservoirs.

Efficient completion configurations
Annabel Green, Tendeka, explains how a range of technologies are aiding the drive for innovation in completions and production.

Maximising recovery
Chris Green, GEODynamics, reveals how advances in perforations are helping to enhance reservoir stimulation.

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