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November 2019

The November/December issue begins by taking a look at the state of the upstream sector in Russia. The issue then moves on to cover a range of topics, including: Flow Measurement and Control, Oilfield Chemicals, Corrosion, Downhole Tools, Completions, Software & AI as well as a Drill Bit Q&A.

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World news

Is it time to reassess Russia?
Donald Barlow, Wood Mackenzie, identifies five key themes that make exploration and production opportunities in Russian oil and gas impossible to ignore, despite EU/US sanctions.

Let it flow
Larry Johnson, Badger Meter, USA, looks at the critical role that flow measurement plays in upstream oil and gas operations.

Moving into the spotlight
Thomas Swanson, Solugen, USA, explains why new approaches and applications to improve water quality, reduce waste and decrease chemical consumption must be implemented.

A window of opportunity
Ceallach Cameron and Chris Russell, Nalco Champion, USA, review a new technique designed to provide insight into paraffin deposition in order to narrow the gap between the laboratory and the oilfield.

On to greener pastures
Mohammad Areeb Siddiqui, Nouryon, UAE, highlights the need for more environmentally acceptable, high impact chemistries for oilfield solutions.

Giving corrosion the cold shoulder
Thomas Martin, Belzona Polymerics, UK, explains why emerging polymer technologies are increasingly supplementing welding as a method of maintaining offshore structures.

Clearing the runway
Sean O’Neill and Georges Ishak, Rubicon Oilfield International, USA, urge operators not to overlook basic concepts when addressing wellbore conditioning issues.

A fibre optic revolution
Stuart Berry, Paradigm, UK, reveals how to bring added data value and reduced cost to the oil and gas industry.

The importance of taking small steps
Murray Callander, Eigen, UK, outlines the importance of being realistic about artificial intelligence’s upstream applications and focusing efforts on cases that offer clear real-world returns.

A new age
Eric Haney, Lone Star Analysis, USA, discusses the technological developments designed to advance the digital oilfield.

Drill Bit Design Q&A
Oilfield Technology invited experts from NOV, Ulterra, and Varel to share their knowledge on a variety of drill bit design topics.

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