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September 2015

The September issue of Oilfield Technology (to be distributed at SPE ATCE) starts off by reviewing the North American oil and gas industry before diving into the articles covering the latest technologies. Topics covered include: Visualisation Techniques, Drilling Tools & Automation, Extended Reach Drilling, Completions and cementing, Oilfield Chemicals, Hydraulic Fracturing, and Unconventionals Production Technology.

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World news

A wild ride
Oilfield Technology correspondent Gordon Cope, reveals how North America’s O&G industry is bracing against a whirlwind of change.

Space exploration
Michael Hall, Airbus Defence & Space, UK, reveals how satellites are playing an increasingly important role in supporting oil and gas exploration from space.

Optimising automation
Dr. Praedeepkumar Asok, Intellicess Inc and Rob Campbell, GenesisRTS, examine new data-driven optimisation technologies designed for use in the field of drilling automation.

Enhancing drilling operations
Dan Merchant, Said Jamil and Andrew Miller, NOV, USA, analyse the performance of a specialised drilling tool and consider its impact on operations.

Tackling corrosion
Carrie M. Keller-Schultz, Renato De Paula, Timothy Tidwell and Vic Keasler, Nalco Champion, review a novel biocide developed to effectively remove biofilms and provide enhanced microbial kill.

Proving their worth
Scot Bodnar, Clariant, USA, explains how low dose hydrate inhibitors solve problems associated with thermodynamic inhibitor treatments.

Elevating environmental analysis
Shauna Hayden, Mark Luyster and Maria Gallegos, TBC Brinadd LLC, USA, evaluate the environmental, health and physical hazards of hydraulic fracturing versus performance.

Engineered to be different
Anupam Ghildyal and Andrew Sherman, Terves, USA, present high strength dissolvable tools and proppants for efficient shale production.

Locating the leaks
Kirk Hamilton, C-FER Technologies, investigates the next generation of premium connection leak detection methods and techniques.

The importance of profiling
Iko Oguche, Tendeka, Michael Scott, Arrow Energy, and Garth Naldrett discuss continuous inflow profiling in coal seam gas operations.

Determining the damage
Terri Olson and Margaret Lessenger, FEI, USA, explain how understanding the microscopic causes of formation damage can alter drilling programmes for greater ROI.

Characterising out-of-zone fracture growth
Sheri Bowman and Melissa Hoy, ESG Solutions, Canada, explain how using microseismic monitoring and analysing stress release can characterise out-of-zone growth during hydraulic fracturing to optimise stimulations.

Lateral and vertical views
Dr Peter M. Duncan and Sarah N. Groen, MicroSeismic, USA, highlight how a Permian Basin operator uses new downhole microseismic imaging technology to optimise well spacing.

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