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September 2019

The September issue begins by looking at the recovery of the North American upstream industry before going on to cover a range of technical features. These include: Downhole Tools, Exploration Technology, Hydraulic Fracturing, Water Management and Safety & Security.

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World news

Blasting into orbit
Oilfield Technology correspondent, Gordon Cope, explains why North America’s oil and gas industry continues to experience unprecedented growth.

Button it up
Patrick Stone, CoorsTek Inc., USA, discusses the performance benefits provided by magnesia partially stabilised zirconia ceramic buttons in plug and perf operations.

Orchestrating a symphony
Paul Henderson and Matthew Crump, Rubicon Oilfield International, USA, consider the steps that need to be taken to achieve proper cementation of the wellbore.

Building bridges
Bob Kettle, Emerson Automation Solutions, Norway, explores the technological advances that are helping to deliver online wireless monitoring from the lower completion.

Hole in one
Weekam Yap, Halliburton, USA, analyses the development of a new single-trip solution which combines upper and lower completion systems.

Navigating the underground labyrinth
John Evans and Brian Jansky, Gyrodata, discuss the importance of accurate data in spatially complex oil and gas drilling operations.

Working smarter
Tom Hay, Shearwater GeoServices, UK, reviews a range of technologies that are helping geoscientists make faster and more accurate decisions.

Understanding the unconventional
Carrie Glaser and Ellen Scott, Fracture ID, Tim Foltz and Kit Clemons, Lario Oil & Gas Company, USA, highlight the driving force of horizontal well production in the Wolfcamp D, Midland Basin.

The dangers of a quick fix
Anup Rama, DuPont Microbial Control, USA, explains why unregistered biocides and quick-kill substitutes cost operators more in the long-run than branded and fully-tested biocides.

Catching small-scale opportunities
Brita Peltokoski, Kemira, Finland, and Stephen Heath, Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), UK, reveal how scale squeeze performance can be improved through tagged inhibitors.

Picking up the pace
Matthias Bloennigen, Wood Mackenzie, UK, discusses water management in the Permian Basin, US.

The shape of water
Finn Erik Mohn Berge, Hammertech AS, Norway, outlines one choice of plug and play meter that can measure water fractions, water-cuts, gas fractions and salinity without the need for pressure, volume and temperature information.

Playing it safe
Gavin Cowie, Interventek Subsea Engineering, UK, analyses the development of an ultra-fast, fail-safe, shear-seal valve technology.

Detect to protect
Lawrie Kerr, Dräger Marine & Offshore, UK, explores why technology systems to protect people and save lives must be adaptable from the design stage.

Rebooting safety
Adrian Fielding, Honeywell Process Solutions, UK, delves into the digital transformation of safety at oil and gas facilities.

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