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BMT announces new 48 m SOV design

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BMT, a global leader in specialised ship design, engineering, and marine consultancy, has announced the launch of its 48 m service operation vessel (SOV) at the Annual Offshore Support Journal Conference, scheduled for 6 – 8 February 2024. De-signed for a new era in offshore operations, the new 48 m SOV delivers safety, comfort, and efficiency while minimising environmental impact.

With the high cost of SOVs, operators in the offshore market are looking for cost-effective solutions for offshore O&M with the benefit of reducing OPEX costs. Mid-sized vessels that sit between CTVs and SOVs provide a more cost-effective solution to achieving offshore operational requirements.

The BMT 48 m SOV represents the latest evolution in BMT's long history of designing cutting-edge vessels for offshore support. With a legacy of over 70 crew transfer vessels successfully operating worldwide, this new SOV is engineered to address the complex and extended operation and maintenance demands of modern offshore settings.

Incorporating an advanced methanol-ready design, the 48 m SOV features an optimised hull form and machinery configuration, built on a dynamic diesel-electric platform. This innovative approach ensures not only enhanced operational efficiency but also a significant reduction in environmental impact.

The vessel's unique SWATH hull design is a game-changer, enabling operations in challenging sea conditions and significantly boosting seakeeping capabilities and uptime. This design underscores BMT's commitment to advancing the frontier of offshore vessel technology.

The 48 m SOV is designed to provide unparalleled comfort for its 40 technicians and 16 crew members. The vessel boasts spacious, single-occupancy cabins, complete with entertainment hubs, lounges, a gym, and a sauna, creating an optimal living and working environment.

Productivity is at the heart of the vessel's design, featuring a 30 m motion-compensated gangway for easy access, an ergonomic layout for safe and seamless workflow, and a unique hull design that minimises noise and vibrations, enhancing the onboard experience.

Aligned with BMT's vision of innovation, the 48 m SOV is equipped to facilitate autonomous technology, featuring an adaptable ROV bay, a control room for ROV operations, and the flexibility to host up to 5 m uncrewed surface vessels (USV). It also includes a dedicated bay for an 8.5 m daughter craft, showcasing the vessel's versatility and forward-thinking design.

Alex Blake, BMT's Senior Naval Architect, commented: "In an industry facing rapid changes, the BMT 48 m SOV is a testament to our commitment to leading innovation in offshore vessel design.

“Drawing on our extensive experience and understanding of market needs, this vessel is not just a response to current demands but a proactive step into the future of offshore operations, setting new standards in efficiency and environmental responsibility."



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