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ONYX Insight launches blade root monitoring system

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ONYX Insight, a leading global predictive analytics solution provider, has launched the world’s first dedicated blade root connection monitoring system following extensive field testing.

The latest innovation in ONYX’s suite of predictive maintenance solutions is delivered through the organisation’s proven ecoPITCH advanced sensing hardware, providing outstanding early visibility of any issues with a high degree of confidence and up to 12 months of warning before a failure.

The system is scaleable across entire fleets, with a finely tuned selection of sensors, sensor placement and data analytics, reducing manual visual inspection requirements within the turbine hub and blades. This in turn reduces the need for turbine climbing and improves safety. During two years of field testing, the technology has been proven on over 3000 blades across 1000 turbines, demonstrating highly effective and accurate fault detection.

Blade root connection failures are a growing issue across the wind industry and are not limited to any one turbine type or blade manufacturer. Some design concepts and blade models have experienced particularly high failure rates in the field and are a natural target for continuous online monitoring. If not addressed early, blade root connection failure can lead to blade loss or, in extreme cases, full turbine collapse. This can seriously impact asset profitability, with a single blade replacement costing approximately US$300 000 – US$500 000.

ONYX’s ecoPITCH blade root connection monitoring system can be deployed in two ways, dependent on-site requirements and potential restraints around maintenance campaigns. Using ecoPITCH, a permanent monitoring system, continuous data and insights are delivered, reducing site visits and providing long-term visibility. Alternatively, ecoPITCH Portable, a temporary solution, can be deployed rapidly, enabling a snapshot of asset status at any given time.

Dr John Coultate, Vice President Advanced Sensing at ONYX Insight, said: “We recognise the increasing industry challenge in tackling blade root connection failures and our latest technology enables owners and operators to quantify the risk of unplanned blade maintenance accurately. By providing clarity and visibility, operators can confidently run turbines knowing they will always be one step ahead of potential issues.

“ONYX’s data-driven approach allows operators to focus visual inspections on validating and managing known issues instead of investing time and expense into manual checks across an entire fleet. This predictive approach to maintenance provides actionable data insights which significantly reduce asset downtime while increasing turbine productivity.”

The blade root connection monitoring system expands ONYX Insight’s large range of sensing devices available on the wind market, including ecoCMS, ecoCMS Flex, ecoPITCH and fleetMONITOR, which provide predictive maintenance across components, including drivetrains, pitch bearings, towers and foundations.



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