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Monarch Partnership launches UK-wide solar panel scheme

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Utilities consultancy Monarch Partnership has launched a UK-wide scheme allowing property owners to have solar panels fitted for free.

The initiative has been developed following the closure of the Government’s Feed-in-Tariffs, which offered financial incentives to those generating their own renewable energy, and will provide participants with free installation of the panels under a power purchase agreement (PPA).

Under the agreement, all energy generated will be supplied to the grid, with the user then able to purchase it back at a fixed-tariff rate significantly cheaper than direct grid procurement. With no standing charges for on-site generation, the scheme hopes to offer annual energy-bill savings of up to 33%.

Any power needed over and above that produced on-site will continue to be provided by each participant’s existing energy supplier.

Stephanie Strange, Carbon Consultant at Monarch Partnership, said: “This new scheme reinstates the financial incentives for renewable generation that disappeared along with the feed-in-tariff.

“Not only does it support energy cost management but will unlock emissions savings at a time when the carbon footprint of the UK’s building stock is coming under increased scrutiny as part of Government climate-change targets.”

The scheme can be applied in both commercial and residential buildings and is suitable for those with estates capable of generating 50 kW/h.

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