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E.ON and Roche UK team up for renewable energy initiative

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Roche UK and energy supplier E.ON are trialling a new renewable energy initiative that allows Roche’s supply chain partners to purchase 100% renewable energy matched from UK wind sources at a combined, more competitive rate.

The scheme is the first of its kind to be offered by a life-sciences company in the UK and is part of Roche’s global, ten-year ambition to reduce their overall environmental footprint by 50% through collaboration and action.

From October 2021, the scheme will enable Roche’s supply chain partners, across Pharmaceuticals, Diagnostics and Diabetes Care, to join an 'energy supply basket' where they can access up to 100% Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO) wind backed electricity at a competitive rate. Aggregating the volume of demand from a number of companies gives greater purchasing power when going out to market, this also enables smaller customers to take advantage of services that would not usually be available to them as a standalone customer, such as having a risk managed supply contract.

Scott Davis, General Counsel and Company Secretary, Roche UK and Project Sponsor, said: “We know that renewable energy is very important and take our commitment to reducing our overall environmental footprint seriously. The pilot is an exciting initiative that will help our suppliers access renewable energy at an affordable price whilst helping us to better understand the way they behave towards achieving sustainability. Armed with this data and knowledge, we hope to enhance the way we partner with them on future initiatives, with the mutual benefit of reducing our combined environmental impact. It is our duty to ensure we take measures wherever possible to make a positive change and we are committed to supporting our suppliers to do the same.”

Anthony Ainsworth, COO of Industrial & Commercial Energy at E.ON UK, said: “The climate crisis is the most critical issue of our time and we know environmental commitments and a renewable energy supply have become more important for business as consumers become increasingly aware of their impact on the environment. For many the first step is making sure their electricity comes from sustainable sources and we’re proud Roche UK has chosen to do that through E.ON. We are now able to offer the same 100% renewable electricity provision, bespoke services, purchasing etc. as energy partner for Roche’s Supply Chain Initiative, which means not only can suppliers share in the benefits of a more sustainable and streamlined energy purchasing process, Roche has the security of knowing its partners are equally contributing to its net zero ambitions.”

One such supply chain partner is Skin and Blister, a Healthcare Communication Agency, who have been working with Roche for over four years.

Fi Edwards, Founder and Managing Director, Skin and Blister said: “It was not a surprise to hear about sustainability being a priority for Roche suppliers. However, they are the first partner where Skin and Blister has experienced encouragement and introductions to sustainable options, with access to competitive rates that we could never achieve on our own. We are very thankful for this support, it's so important for us all."

Roche currently uses 100% renewable wind-backed electricity to power its businesses in the UK and is offering access for their suppliers to join them in E.ON’s Energy Fund. This means supply chain partners can take advantage of wind-backed electricity as well as having access to E.ON’s in-house risk management service, E.ON Portfolio Solution, which specialises in helping customers to navigate the wholesale energy market and manage exposure to the often volatile price shifts over time. This allows customers to receive specific advice on purchasing strategies, sparing time and money that can be invested back into their own business.

The Renewable Electricity Guarantees of Origin (REGO) scheme provides a guarantee that consumption is offset by energy produced from renewable sources. E.ON’s REGO wind backed supply is sourced solely from renewable UK wind generation.

Roche UK will also be working with Manufacture 2030 to assist the suppliers with the reporting of their emissions.



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