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Leah Jones

Leah Jones

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Vaisala introduces comprehensive weather station for solar power plant optimisation

Solar is the fastest-growing source of renewable energy, and performance optimisation requires careful monitoring. Vaisala’s eBook, Powering the future with precision, explores how automatic weather stations provide smart solar irradiation and weather monitoring — key to understanding performance and maintaining optimal conditions across the entire life cycle of solar power plants.

BLUETTI to display innovative energy storage solution to RE+ 2023 for easy solar transition

BLUETTI will showcase its latest energy storage solutions, including the upcoming EP800 system, at RE+ 2023, North America's premier clean energy event from 11 – 14 September 2023. The EP800 is a powerful off-grid home energy storage system with a modular design and compatibility with solar systems. BLUETTI will also introduce the water-resistant AC60 and AC180 portable energy generators. The company's participation highlights its commitment to sustainable energy and green solutions. Visit BLUETTI's booth at RE+ 2023 for expert presentations and product demos.