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Special reports

Early union engagement key to offshore wind workforce success

Brian Davis, General Manager and Adam Barnes, Service Manager, JDR Cables, look at the US wind industry, specifically how organised labour is proving quite tricky for many European offshore wind companies to wrap their heads around.


Global Energy Transition returns to New York in June

Reuters Events has announced the Global Energy Transition 2023 (7 – 8 June, New York, the US), where global energy, industrial, finance, and policymaking executives will convene to transform transition disparity into possibility.


Anesco appoints new CEO

The board of Anesco has appointed Hildagarde McCarville as its Chief Executive Officer, taking over from Mark Futyan, who will remain with the company as a Non-Executive Director.


Striving for Sustainable Solar

Dongyoung Kim, Technical Assistant, Reddie & Grose, discusses how recycling solar panels can help complete the sustainability cycle of photovoltaic power generation.


Enhancing Resilience and Stability

Dr Carlos de Palacio, Renewable Segment Manager Grid Integration, Hitachi Energy, Spain, outlines the essential technologies needed to integrate solar into the power grid.


Harnessing the Heat Beneath our Feet

Karl Farrow, Founder and CEO of CeraPhi Energy, UK, talks about the opportunity geothermal presents as a viable and realistic part of the energy mix, and how the skill set of the oil and gas sector could be harnessed in this transition.


Overcoming supply challenges with collaboration

Cerianne Cummings, Offshore Wind Market Director, Kent, asks the question: Could collaborative delivery models mitigate global supply challenges in the offshore wind market?


Staying Safe Whilst Subsea

Austin Harbison, Smart Technology Manager, CRP Subsea, UK, talks about the importance of safely protecting subsea electrical cables in the shallow waters of offshore wind farms.