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Other renewables

Shell joins Renewables for Subsea Power project

Shell has joined the Renewables for Subsea Power collaborative project, which is currently powering subsea equipment off the coast of Orkney through a combination of wave power and subsea energy storage.


Lhyfe reviews Sealhyfe project results

Lhyfe has announced that Sealhyfe’s operating results confirm that the initial objectives have been met and enable another step forward for the company.


Lhyfe and EDP renewables sign corporate PPA

Lhyfe and EDP renewables have signed a power purchase agreement, wherein Lhyfe will purchase renewable energy generated from a German solar farm owned by EDP.


XGS Energy secures US$9.7 million in new financing

The latest funding round, led by Constellation Technology Ventures, with BlueScopeX and Thin Line Capital, will advance XGS Energy’s prototype and first commercial geothermal energy projects.